miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2015


The façade is made of rectangular alveolar polycarbonate rectangular pieces that are intercalated in two different lines: at the first line and more closest to the wall, the pieces are directly fixed on it (using metal Z profiles); At the second line and more distant to the wall the pieces are fixed just to the pieces from the first line, what allows it to move with the action of the wind. 
The qualities we wanted the façade are to be dynamic and interactive, made with light materials and easy to set up.

These are the materials needed to the mockup:
• Bronze Alveolar Polycarbonate (20mm trickiness)
• Plywood (20mm) 
• Threaded Rod (20mm diameter or less)
• Nut Screw (at the same diameter from the Threaded Rod)
• Metallic Plate • Metal profile Z (50mm height)

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